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Allergy Skin Prick Testing in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake

Skin prick testing is a method used to diagnose allergies by exposing the skin to small amounts of potential allergens and watching for reactions. At TexasAllergyMD, we use this fast and accurate approach as part of our comprehensive allergy testing services.

McKinney skin prick testing services.

For adults and children suffering from skin hives, itching, nasal congestion, stomach pains and breathing difficulties, testing is essential to identify the true triggers causing such allergy symptoms. Visit one of our allergy treatment centers in McKinney/Prosper or Southlake and achieve lasting relief.

Skin Prick Testing for Environmental and Food Allergies

Skin prick testing is a safe and accurate method used to diagnose allergies. As part of reaching a precise diagnosis, your allergist may test for as many as 50 substances during a single session. Testing for the following allergens is frequently included in a skin prick test.

  • Environmental Allergens – Trees, grass and weed pollen, mold spores, dust mites and animal dander from pets.
  • Food Allergies – Peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, eggs and milk.
  • Insect Stings – Venom from bees, wasps, hornets and other insects.

Dr. Mireku uses the data provided by a skin prick test to develop the best allergy treatments to target the underlying causes of an issue.

The Skin Prick Testing Process

The care provided at TexasAllergyMD always addresses the unique needs of each adult or child, but during a skin prick test most patients will experience the following steps.

  • Initial Consultation – A review of medical history and symptoms.
  • Test Preparation – Allergens are selected and the forearm is cleaned and marked.
  • Application of Allergens – Small drops of allergen extracts are placed on the marked spots on the skin.
  • Skin Piercing – A sterile needle pricks the skin through the allergen drop, allowing a tiny amount of the allergen to enter the skin’s surface.

Following the above steps we then monitor the test areas for 15–20 minutes. Any skin reactions are recorded, and contribute to the diagnostic process. When Dr. Mireku reaches a diagnosis she can provide an allergy management plan, including avoidance strategies, medications, immunotherapy and other options.

Common Questions About Skin Prick Testing

Skin prick testing causes only minimal discomfort for most people. Patients may feel a light scratching sensation as the needle pricks the top layer of the skin.

Skin prick testing is a common procedure to help diagnose allergies in children. The tests are safely performed in an allergist’s office to monitor for signs of allergic reaction as well as potential adverse side effects.

The benefits of skin prick testing include quick results (within around 20 minutes), little to no discomfort, plus the ability to test for a wide range of allergens in one session.

Patient-Centered Skin Prick Testing in McKinney and Southlake

TexasAllergyMD is a leading provider of skin prick testing and other diagnostic solutions in North Texas. For skilled allergy testing and treatment, visit an allergy treatment center in McKinney/Prosper or Southlake. Call (469) 375-1525 or request an appointment today.

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