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Innovative Allergy Treatments in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake

There are many different types of allergies with a range of symptoms and causes. This complexity means that identifying the best allergy treatment is often challenging. At TexasAllergyMD, we have been diagnosing and treating allergies for over a decade. Under the guidance of board-certified allergist Dr. Mireku, patients receive comprehensive, individualized treatment plans for a better quality of life.

Allergy treatments in McKinney and Southlake.

Effective and preventive allergy care covers everything from lifestyle changes and allergy testing to medication and desensitization through immunotherapy. During consultations at our North Texas allergy treatment centers and in telehealth sessions, it’s our goal to understand your allergies and create a treatment plan that works for you.

The Allergy Treatment Process

After completing the allergy testing process, patients should have a greater understanding of the causes and triggers of an allergy. The next stage is to develop a patient-centered treatment that is both manageable and effective.

  • Lifestyle Adaptations – Lifestyle changes in the home, diet and environment help to reduce exposure to dangerous allergens.
  • Educational Guidance – Education is essential for recognizing symptoms of an allergic reaction and understanding how to maintain allergy-free spaces.
  • Emergency Responses – For those most at risk, carrying an epinephrine auto-injector and learning about emergency protocols is crucial.
  • Medication and Immunotherapy – Tailored treatments may include antihistamines, corticosteroids and some of the immunotherapy options listed below.

Our Preventive Allergy Treatments

At TexasAllergyMD, we use many pioneering solutions for allergic reactions. These treatments are integrated into a comprehensive plan that delivers long-term relief for adults and children impacted by severe allergies.

Allergy Drops (SLIT)

Allergy drops are a type of immunotherapy treatment typically used for environmental allergens like dust mites, pollen and pet dander. Also known as sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), the treatment process involves placing drops of allergen extract under the tongue.

Following a consultation at one of our allergy treatment centers, patients can administer the drops at home, making it a very convenient treatment option. The process works by building the immune system’s tolerance to an allergen, offering gradual desensitization at safe levels over time.

Allergy Shots

Allergy shots, or subcutaneous immunotherapy, involve injecting small amounts of allergens under the skin. Similar to SLIT, allergy shots desensitize the immune system with gradual exposure to the allergen. This treatment is used to treat allergies to pollen, mold, dust, pet dander and insect stings.

During the initial build-up phase, patients visit an allergy treatment center fairly regularly (usually weekly or bi-weekly) and receive gradually increasing doses of the allergen. After reaching the maintenance level, visits are less frequent (often monthly).

Food Allergy Drops (SLIT)

Food allergy drops are an innovative treatment for severe allergies. If you experience severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis after eating peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs or other common foods, food sublingual immunotherapy can desensitize the immune system to the proteins in these foods.

As with SLIT for environmental allergens, the drops are taken at home after a consultation with Dr. Mireku. Follow-up appointments then monitor progress and adjust doses, ensuring you are safe and building tolerance to the allergen.

Oral Immunotherapy

Similar to food allergy drops, oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) is a food allergy solution that desensitizes the immune system. Patients consume small amounts of the allergenic food, with doses increasing over time as the body builds tolerance. Common foods treated with OIT include milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.

OIT starts with a build-up phase, monitored closely by your allergist. To ensure safety, patients must be able to tolerate appropriate levels of the allergen without risking a severe allergic reaction. Once the maintenance level is reached, patients should continue consuming the food to maintain tolerance.

Common Questions About Allergy Treatments

While there is no single cure for an allergy, the right treatment can dramatically reduce the threat of an allergic reaction. Completing an immunotherapy treatment until a maintenance level is reached typically allows people to tolerate exposure to an allergen without experiencing symptoms.

The best allergy treatment will depend on the type and severity of the allergy and other medical issues. Your allergist will advise on the advantages of each treatment after a comprehensive evaluation.

Most allergy treatments are usually safe for children, particularly if their quality of life is suffering. A doctor with pediatric allergy experience can assess the benefits of various treatment options and make recommendations.

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