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Comprehensive Allergy Testing Services in McKinney and Beyond

Coping with the aggravating symptoms of allergies is exhausting. That’s why at TexasAllergyMD, we provide innovative allergy testing services from our allergy treatment centers in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake.

McKinney and Southlake allergy testing.

Our patient-centered allergy and asthma testing arms you with the information you wish you’d known sooner. Backed by over 10 years of experience, board-certified allergist Dr. Mireku will help you on those first steps towards better health.

How Allergy Testing Works

At TexasAllergyMD, we take a forward-thinking approach to allergy care. We diagnose and identify the allergy triggers, review the dietary or lifestyle implications, then develop a personalized treatment plan. Here are some of the common features of the testing process.

Medical History Review

During the initial consultation Dr. Mireku reviews a patient’s medical history (including past allergic reactions), discusses the family’s history of allergy, as well as those health issues that may be related. This same process is also used for those displaying symptoms of asthma.

Analysis of Symptoms

Patients will have the opportunity to discuss their symptoms in-depth, covering when they occur, the severity, how they typically manifest, the apparent triggers and so on. A physical examination of a patient’s hives, eczema and swelling will also contribute to the physician’s understanding of the issue. Used alongside future test results, this information is highly valuable and helps your physician reach an accurate diagnosis.

Nutritional Review

When food allergy is involved, patients can discuss their daily food intake (or that of their child) with Dr. Mireku. Keeping a food diary is a very useful method for linking particular foods with any subsequent symptoms.

Our Allergy and Asthma Testing Services

Lab testing is the next step in the process, delivering information that allows for a precise diagnosis. At TexasAllergyMD we have a number of proven allergy and asthma testing services at our disposal.

Patch Test

A patch test is a common allergy test used to identify substances causing allergic skin reactions. This test can effectively detect an issue with a variety of allergens including fragrances, metals, medications, foods, preservatives and more.

Here’s how the process works. First, small amounts of potential allergens are applied to patches and then placed on the skin. The patches stay in place for about 48 hours, and patients are advised to keep the patches dry. After patch removal in the clinic the skin is immediately examined for evidence of allergic reactions – and often examined once more a couple of days later.

Skin Prick Test

A skin prick test is a fast procedure used to identify allergies to pollen, foods, mold, dust, pet dander and other substances. Your allergist will place droplets of allergen extract on the forearm or back, then gently prick the top layer of the skin’s surface.

After approximately 15 minutes the test area is analyzed for signs of a red raised bump. Your allergist factors in the size of the bumps with patient medical history and symptoms to form a diagnosis.

Skin prick testing is widely used to diagnose allergies as it is quick, carries a low risk of severe reactions – and offers reliable results.

Spirometry Test

At TexasAllergyMD we also offer patient-focused, innovative treatments for asthma. An important diagnostic tool for asthma is a spirometry test. This test measures the amount of air inhaled and exhaled, as well as the speed of the breath.

During the test the patient breathes into a mouthpiece that’s connected to a spirometer. The test provides detailed data about lung function and can help lead to a diagnosis, as well as track the respiratory condition over time.

Spirometry, patch and skin prick tests are important diagnostic tools used by Dr. Mireku. The results of the tests shape allergy and asthma treatment plans that improve the quality of life for patients. To manage allergies effectively it’s first necessary to understand their triggers, and allergy testing is at the heart of this process.

Common Questions About Allergy and Asthma Testing

Allergy tests, such as the skin prick test, are generally not painful. Patients may feel slight discomfort or a tickling sensation when the skin is pricked, but usually this is very brief and quickly subsides.

Children can undergo allergy testing with the help of an experienced allergist. Tests like the skin prick test are essential tools for diagnosing allergies in children, and are typically safe and effective for all ages.

Asthma tests are highly accurate for diagnosing and assessing the severity of asthma. As it provides objective measurements of lung function, the spirometry test helps make a precise diagnosis so that an effective asthma treatment and management plan can be developed.

Trusted Allergy Testing Services in McKinney, Prosper, Southlake and Surrounding Cities

TexasAllergyMD operates state-of-the-art testing and treatment centers in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, count on Dr. Mireku for fast, accurate allergy testing solutions. Call (469) 375-1525 or request an appointment now.

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