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Composition with common food allergens including egg, milk

Here at TexasAllergyMD, we work under the leadership of Dr. Nana Mireku, an expert in diagnosing and treating pediatric and adult patients with food allergies. Dr. Mireku has over a decade of experience in food allergy treatment and management. Our clinic is committed to helping patients address food allergy symptoms through diagnosis and treatment to reduce or eliminate them. Our focus is patient corroboration to identify the underlying trigger and develop ways to address its impact on their lives. Each patient’s needs and concerns are taken into consideration during the development of a personalized treatment plan.

Diagnosis And Treatment of Food Allergies At TexasAllergyMD

In today’s fast-paced world, it can sometimes be challenging to identify and differentiate the specific food allergies causing our symptoms. Outside of meticulous record-keeping, restrictive diets, and long periods of careful study, it can seem impossible to identify the source independently. Thankfully, you have the team at TexasAllergyMD on your side.

Diagnostic approaches used by TexasAllergyMD Include:

  • Skin Prick Tests: This diagnostic approach involves exposing small areas of the skin to specific food allergens. The treatment area is then closely watched for the development of symptoms. Skin prick tests are the most recommended form of allergen test due to their effectiveness and reliability.
  • Blood Tests: When the body responds to an allergen, there are identifiable antibodies within the blood. By checking for the presence of specific antibodies, it can help narrow down the source of the allergy to a particular food.
  • Oral Food Challenges: This approach to diagnosis involves having the patient eat a gradually increasing amount of the suspected allergen. As the process continues, the patient is closely monitored for the appearance of symptoms and their severity.

Treatments offered by TexasAllergyMD include Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) and Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT).

Dr Mireku is also a member of the Food Allergy Support Team (FAST) of physicians, who are dedicated to the diagnosis and management of food allergies.

Articles co-authored by Dr. Mireku on food allergy treatment with Oral immunotherapy (OIT).

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    Take Control Of Food Allergies With TexasAllergyMD

    Are you eager to take control of your allergies with help from the team at TexasAllergyMD? Take the first step by reaching out to us at (469) 375-1525. We’ll schedule an appointment with Dr. Mireku at our McKinney/Prosper Clinic (1400 North Coit Road, Suite 405, McKinney, TX 75071) or at our Southlake Clinic (630 North Kimball Ave, Suite #110, Southlake, TX 76092).

    During your visit, we’ll explore your symptoms and experiences to gain an understanding of your food allergy. We’ll talk about your dietary choices, focusing on recurring themes and when you notice your symptoms most. Together we’ll develop a diagnosis and treatment plan that will identify the source of your allergy and create an effective method of managing it.

    Convenient Locations in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake, TX
    Convenient Locations in McKinney/Prosper and Southlake, TX

    Call TexasAllergyMD at (469) 375-1525. Your treatment plan will always be addressed with the latest evidence-based research and treatment options.

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