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Colleyville’s Top Allergy Treatment and Testing Services

TexasAllergyMD is an established provider of allergy treatments serving Colleyville residents. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Mireku, we deliver preventive therapies for environmental, skin and food allergies. Our patient-first approach is integral to everything we do, from our precise allergy testing to cutting-edge immunotherapy treatments. Come see us at our North Texas allergy treatment center and experience the very best in allergy care.

Board-certified Colleyville allergist Dr. Mireku brings extensive experience in her field. From adult and pediatric allergy solutions to asthma and eczema remedies, our treatments are personalized to the needs of each patient. If you’ve been struggling with persistent symptoms, it’s time to try allergy care the TexasAllergyMD way.

Allergy Treatment Center Serving Colleyville

The allergy clinic is located on Kimball Avenue at the border of Grapevine and Southlake.

Access Our Innovative Allergy Treatment Services

At TexasAllergyMD, we focus on providing long-term relief for allergies and asthma. As an experienced allergist, Dr. Mireku offers individualized care that identifies and targets the causes of your symptoms. Here are some of our primary Colleyville allergy and asthma services.

Colleyville Allergy Treatments

Start your journey to better health with our patient-centered allergy treatment services. Dr. Mireku skillfully treats environmental, seasonal and skin allergies. Our approach combines a thorough diagnostic process with a personalized treatment plan to address the root causes of your allergies.

We can identify and manage virtually every type of common allergen, from inescapable tree and grass pollen to dust mites, harmful skin irritants and more. The latest advancements in allergy care help us to provide the best treatment possible for patients of all ages. Transform your daily struggles into ongoing relief and comfort with Colleyville’s best allergist.

Professional Allergy Testing

Our accurate allergy testing services are part of a comprehensive evaluation that pinpoints the specific allergens affecting you. Starting with a detailed review of your symptoms and medical history, we employ a variety of allergy tests to accurately identify your triggers. Diagnostic options include patch testing for skin allergies, and for immediate allergen detection, the widely-used skin prick test.

At TexasAllergyMD we choose a testing method based on its suitability for the patient. This individualized approach to an allergy assessment means we can deliver a precise diagnosis. Trust us to bring you a clear understanding of your allergies through world-class allergy testing in Colleyville.

Food Allergy Testing & Treatment Services

At TexasAllergyMD it’s our goal to provide long-term treatment for food allergies – and to empower you with the knowledge for effective self-management. We specialize in managing common triggers like peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish and sesame. We’re here to help you overcome adult and pediatric food allergies through expert care.

Our innovative solutions include sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) drops – aka food allergy drops – oral immunotherapy treatments and allergy shots. Each approach is tailored to your allergies, leading to a safer and more enjoyable relationship with food. With the right approach to allergy care, Colleyville patients can embrace healthier living and a better quality of life.

Long-Term Management of Allergies

A commitment to patient-centered care is the primary focus of our allergy treatment services. Dr. Mireku creates personalized allergy treatment plans that may include medications, immunotherapy options, lifestyle adjustments and so on.

We also educate patients and families on the use of epinephrine auto-injectors for an immediate response to anaphylaxis. A fast response is required when dealing with a potential severe allergic reaction, so carrying this medication is vital. With our Colleyville allergy management services, patients can enjoy improved daily well-being with fewer allergy limitations.

Asthma Management

Dedicated to managing all types of asthma, our Colleyville asthma patients receive comprehensive testing and treatment services. We begin with spirometry testing to accurately assess lung function and diagnose asthma (if it is present). Based on these results, our treatment plan will address immediate relief and long-term control, and may include inhalers, nebulizers and oral medications that are appropriate for the individual patient’s condition.

We also offer environmental sublingual immunotherapy to target specific triggers, reduce sensitivity and improve overall lung health. Desensitization is particularly effective when allergens like pollen, dust mites, mold or pet dander are causing asthma symptoms. Our goal is to provide asthma care that will help you breathe easier.

Colleyville’s Best Allergy Treatment and Asthma Care Services

If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms or need help with asthma management, contact TexasAllergyMD today. We provide top-rated asthma and allergy treatments in Colleyville, delivering long-lasting solutions for better health and well-being. Call (469) 375-1525 or request an appointment now.

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We believe in a preventive approach to allergy management, empowering every patient to live the best allergy-free life possible.
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Food allergy specialist Dr. Mireku helps you live life to the fullest with caring, patient-focused care.

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Allergy Testing

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Allergy relief starts with our holistic allergy care and innovative desensitization treatments.

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