What Are the Best Treatment Options for a Peanut Allergy?

North Texas peanut allergy treatment.
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Peanut allergies have long been a source of anxiety and stress for many in North Texas, as constant vigilance and careful management are required. Now however, the innovative breakthroughs in peanut allergy care make it possible to reduce the impact of an allergy on day-to-day life. With several approaches for addressing symptoms in both adults and children, patients can access personalized treatments that deliver significant health improvements.

Top Peanut Allergy Treatment Options

A peanut allergy is one of the most dangerous types of allergies, and in the most severe cases can cause anaphylaxis. If you or your child experience peanut allergy symptoms, don’t put off speaking with your allergist about the following treatment options.

Food Allergy Drops

Also known as food allergy drops, sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a convenient treatment option for patients with peanut allergies. This method involves administering small doses of peanut allergen extract under the tongue to desensitize the immune system gradually. The treatment begins with very low doses of the allergen, gradually increasing to higher doses as the body builds tolerance.

SLIT works by exposing the immune system to the peanut allergen in a controlled manner, allowing the body to become less responsive to the allergen over time (often over several months). As a non-invasive process mainly conducted at home, SLIT offers a safe, nearly effortless way to reduce the risk of severe allergic reactions.

Oral Immunotherapy Treatment

If you have a food allergy, oral immunotherapy treatment (OIT) can also increase your tolerance and provide a better quality of life. During OIT treatment, a patient will consume small (and gradually increasing) amounts of peanut protein under medical supervision.

During the initial phase of OIT, a patient will visit their allergist’s office frequently for dose escalation and monitoring. Once a maintenance dose has been reached, desensitization is maintained by the patient as they continue to consume the specified amount of peanut protein at home each day. Quite similar to SLIT, OIT aims to modify the immune system’s response to peanut proteins through consistent exposure.

Peanut Allergy Management Strategies

While not strictly considered to be treatments, there are some additional peanut allergy management strategies that can also reduce the risk of allergic reactions. For those with this allergy, avoiding peanuts and peanut-containing products is the primary management strategy. By paying close attention to food labels and checking with restaurants before dining, you can avoid exposure to the allergen.

In addition, carrying an epinephrine auto-injector ensures that you are prepared (and can get relief quickly) in case of accidental exposure that leads to an allergic reaction. When used alongside oral immunotherapy or food allergy drops treatment, these lifestyle adjustments allow for a robust response to the threat of peanut allergies.

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